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Gigranche Thin Oblique (100)Gigranche Thin Oblique
Gigranche Thin (100)Gigranche Thin
Gigranche Regular (100)Gigranche Regular
Gigranche Extra Light Oblique (200)Gigranche Extra Light Oblique
Gigranche Extra Light (200)Gigranche Extra Light
Gigranche Light Oblique (300)Gigranche Light Oblique

Gigranche font Family is Modern Expanded Grotesque sans serif style and which is where this font is very strong and bold for digital manufacture/ printing industry.

This font is inspired by streetwear (Urbanstreet) which relies on courage, art, and strength.

The Gigranche font also comes with several symbols, fractional numbers and additional glyps from various languages (Multilingual Support).


About Gigranche

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Font Name :
Gigranche Thin Oblique
Family Name :
Sub-Family Name :
Thin Oblique
Font Weight :
Glyph Count :
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329 KB

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