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Fauna Pro Extra Light (200)Fauna Pro Extra Light
Fauna Pro Light (300)Fauna Pro Light
Fauna Pro Regular (400)Fauna Pro Regular
Fauna Pro Medium (500)Fauna Pro Medium
Fauna Pro Semibold (600)Fauna Pro Semibold
Fauna Pro Bold (700)Fauna Pro Bold


For print and branding projects.


For websites and online platforms.


For mobile and desktop applications.


For eBooks and ePublishing.


Fauna Pro is the second generation of its previous version. Now it is more futuristic with a strange sci-fi spirit. Fauna Pro has more solid contours and thick letters.

It compares with futuristic thematic, including such elements as robots, spaceships, electronics, cosmos, planets, nature, and modern architecture. The Font family includes 6 font styles: extra light, light, regular, medium, semibold and bold. Every style contains 266 glyphs.


About Fauna

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Fauna Pro Extra Light
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Pro Extra Light
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52 KB

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