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Managing your Downloads

When you’re logged into your Fontsera account, You can download fonts you’ve purchased directly from the Downloads page by clicking “Download Now.”

Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed.

We’ll also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from PayPal.

If nothing happens when you click the download links, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your web browser, please check the following:

  • Disable all of your browser extensions that you’ve installed and try again.
  • Try downloading the file using an alternate browser and / or computer.

If you are still having problems downloading the fonts, please contact us with your order number and a brief description of the problem.

If your computer is unable to open the file, it’s possible that you’re missing the program required to open the file type. Please contact the seller to see what program(s) you may need.

you can contact them using the button “Message” in every seller shop page. Make sure your email address is legit as your message will be sent directly to the seller email address.

If you contacted the seller about an order, and the seller hasn’t responded in a reasonable amount of time, you can contact Fontsera Support for help

Be sure that your order is placed through Fontsera. If you purchase from a seller outside of Fontsera, Fontsera can’t help if you have trouble.

Because of the nature of these fonts we offer are digital downloads, We don’t offer returns, refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. read the full refund policy

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